Bunny's Talk Show

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Bunny had her talk show down at the Beatnik Cafe, in Joshua Tree, California the other night 

June 24, 2005


Bunny loves to have percussionist Don Lombardo on the show.  Tonight he gives her a much appreciated foot massage.


Victoria Williams and Ted Quinn after finishing their beautiful Fred Drake song.  Bunny watches on the sidelines, in a hole in the Beatnik Tree.


Victoria Williams and Ted Quinn discussing the song the three of them are going to sing, Bunny is looking through her song book (not shown) for some ideas.


Later, Bunny surprises us with a song.  I wonder if you can guess what song she sang for us?  Well, of course it was "All My Ex's Live in Texas."  That Bunny!  She doesn't even know what an ex is, she thinks that all of her lost refrigerator magnet letters end up in Texas. She's hoping the nice folks in Texas will send them back.



Shari with her omnichord. Shari sings Bunny her favorite song, "Bunny, Song for a Crochet Alligator." Bunny plays along on the tambourine. Bunny loves this song, it always makes her think of Cher. Bunny loves Cher.



Stuart tries to eat one of Bunny's crochet cookies. He got so involved with his Porsche restoration talk that he ate several before realizing his mistake. Bunny didn't even notice, if you can believe that. She loves listening to Porsche restoration stories. "Have you picked a color for the carpet yet? I like green."



Jessica, who also brought along a surprise guest, Milton the cat. Milton looked surprised, too, He's used to being behind the scenes, cleaning dust bunnies under the furniture chasing after those crochet oreos Shari throws under there. Jessica is one of Shari's youngest art collectors. She loves mermaids, queens and dogs with pearl teeth. And she likes pink.



Chuck Routhier, designer of Shari's web site, discussing foreign policy. Bunny would like to travel more except she gets pilly riding in the suitcase.



Bunny tries to pick up some dance moves from Jered Solace, dance major at UMKC and occasional helper to Shari. He doesn't usually dance in a chair but made an exception today.



William, who's gaydar needs an adjustment, "I can't believe everyone I meet lately is gay, it's like 'I woke up Tuesday Morning and Everyone was Gay.'" (William is rewriting Shari's "I'm Forcing Goodness Upon You" song with that as the first line)



William, bearing his soul to Bunny. He can't find anyone to participate in his new art project. Bunny is thinking about it but she doesn't wear glasses.The crochet poodles try to offer some support as well.




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