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Here are some of my valued and lovely celebrity collectors who don't mind going public about it.

(updated July 10, 2013)


Rainn Wilson (of The Office) with Kali (goddess of creation and destruction, well, that's how i kind of see her) who found me in my studio at Art Queen when he came to see Ann Magnuson's show last year at Art Queen

Andrea Zittel with Emmett fish for her son, Emmett (in my studio in Joshua Tree, CA)



Elayne Boosler at my old apartment in Santa Monica buying up 10 or so pieces. And here she is at the Flea Market in West LA.


Elayne Boosler at her NY apartment with the first piece she bought from me (a commission). Elayne Boosler (good friend of Shari Elf) again at the SM Airport Flea market buying up even more of my art and that commission I made of  her dogs.



 Kim Wayans with the painting she commissioned for her brother, Marlon.  Kim had me make scenes of humorous moments in the life and times of her famous brothers, Shawn, Marlon, Damon and Keenan.  Later the brothers contacted me and commissioned a funny piece for Kim with scenes of her life.         (right) Shawn Wayans with the personal history painting his sister Kim commissioned.



Kim Wayans with the picture she commissioned for her brother, Keenan.  Michelle Little and Leah Thompson with a piece called "Glamour Queens Dancing the Night Away" which Michelle commissioned me to make.



Graham Nash with mermaid in his kitchen on Kauai.  Mary Randolph Carter at my old house in Venice the day she took pictures for Big City Junk



Harry Dean Stanton in Los Angeles



Jennifer Tilly with her friend Shanti at the Santa Monica Airport Flea Market.   Judith Owen at the Santa Monica Airport Flea Market. Judith has a great sense of humor and a lot of my art.




John Outerbridge (artist) with a little piece I gave him and Welcome Lady which he showed in an installation at MOCA in Los Angeles.           

(right) Sean Penn and Robin Wright Family portrait commissioned by Harry Dean Stanton.

Other famous folks who have pictures of my art work include: Courtney Love, Andy Dick, Jack Nicholson (gift from Harry Dean Stanton), Rebecca Demornay (gift from Harry Dean Stanton), Uma Thurman (gift from her friend), and of course, that very famous bear, Al Bear:


Al-Bear, famous "Salmon Czar" from Minnesota with his recent portrait. Al in the Shriner Parade.   Al-Bear is a friend of Jesus and recently visited Jesus in his condo. Said Al-Bear of the visit:


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