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Come inside, let the crochet goodness surround you, soothe you, make you feel whole again.


Crochet Museum, at night

Welcome to the wacky world of crochet goodness, to your right we have the chicken wing.

Bingo and Jesse visit with Big Bird, the three bears visit with a soap poodle and Victoria Williams relaxes and draws in all that good crochet energy!

Ernie, Bert, Big Bird, just some of the famous folks you'll recognize down at the World Famous Crochet Museum. Crochet looks good at night, too.

I just love those soap cover poodles.



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love from your friends,

Bunny, Buddy and Shari and your friends at the Crochet Museum



here is an earlier version of the world famous crochet museum, at my old studio in kansas city, missouri

   See Bunny in action       (click here)



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You can help with the upkeep of the World Famous Crochet Museum (it currently needs a fresh coat of paint inside and out as well as a good dusting to all the happy creatures inside) Thank you for your interest in the World Famous Crochet Museum! love your friends Bunny, Buddy and Shari